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S.T.R.I.K.E.7 Media Controls do not work in WinAmp
Posted by on 19 June 2013 03:52 AM

By default the Global Hotkeys are not enabled in WinAmp.  This will stop the media keys on the STIKE7 Media APP from working.  The simple fix is to enable this in WinAmp and these are the steps (FAQ made as of version 5.63)

  1. In WinAmp, at the top click Options
  2. From the drop down menu click Preferences at the bottom
  3. In the preferences, on the left side of the window, look under general preferences for Global Hotkeys and select this.
  4. Tick the box 'Enable default multimedia key support...'  Note:  you don't need to tick the bow below titles 'Enabled', this is to add/remove actions from the list.

WinAmp Global Hotkey Enable



If, in the unlikely case there are no Global Hotkey options then the option might have been removed during the install.  The best way to fix this is to uninstall and reinstall WinAmp.  This option is enabled by default in the 4 types of install; Custom, Standard, Lite and Full.  You can scroll down the list  to User Interface Extensions, expand that tree and check Global Hotkey Support is ticked.

Global Install

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