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My Kunai Universal Stereo Headset has mono sound or reversed mic/volume control
Posted by on 27 February 2017 01:09 AM

If you encounter problems with the sound or control of your Universal Kunai when connected to a PC then your PC might have selected the USB power cable as the default playback device.  Note the USB cable is just to power the headset and you will need to make sure the playback is streamed through the 3.5mm jack on your PC.  Please follow these steps below to quickly correct this and get your Universal Kunai headset playing your favourite music, video and game audio!:

1:  Connect the USB and both 3.5mm connections into your PC. (see image below).  Green connector connects to Audio output on PC / Pink connector connects to Mic input on PC

PC / MAC Connection Diagram

2:  Allow Windows to detect the head set via the USB connection. Once windows installs the software you will need to change settings to output audio via the Green plug connected to your PC

3:  Go to Windows Control Panel and select “HARDWARE AND SOUND”.

4:  Under the “SOUND” heading, select “Manage Audio Devices”

5: In the Audio devices setup you will see “Tritton Kunai Stereo Headset” as the default playback device. Select the other audio device (Your PC’s sound card) and click on “Set Default”.  This makes sure the stereo sound outputs via the 3.5mm plug (not through the USB), whilst powering the headset and inline volume controller via the USB cable.

Playback Settings

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