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How do I root M.O.J.O.?
Posted by Warranty Support on 14 September 2016 07:12 AM

Things to note:


  • Rooting M.O.J.O. will give you expanded access to games and apps in the Google Play Store, and the ability to adjust many otherwise-locked settings.
  • Performing the root procedure will not void your warranty.
  • Thanks to the guys at MoDaCo for developing this root solution. You can follow the rooting procedure from their website, or you can continue with the directions below (which have been directly scooped up and slightly modified from the MoDaCo site).


 You’ll need these 2 things:


  • Access to a PC, Mac, or Linux computer.
  • USB A male-to-male cable like this one. The cable can be either USB 2.0 or 3.0.


Be Aware:   USB A male-to-male transfer cables will not work. You just need a regular USB A male-to-male cable.


Step 1: Download the superboot file

Download the superboot zip file From MoDaCo’s website, and unzip it into a directory.



Step 2: Put M.O.J.O. in bootloader mode

Unplug the power cable and any USB cables from M.O.J.O.  The dongle and HDMI cable should stay plugged in.

First, connect the USB A male-to-male cable between your computer and the USB port labeled '2.0' on M.O.J.O.,  and then insert the power cable.

 Key driver not found.. Booting OS  will appear on screen.


If “Key driver not found..Booting OS” did not appear, check your connections, and make sure that you have a regular USB A male-to-male cable, not a transfer USB A male-to-male cable.


Step 3: Boot from the superboot file

On Windows: 

Install the device drivers from the directory containing the files if required.

Remove the power cable and the USB cable from M.O.J.O.

Reboot M.O.J.O. by first reinserting the USB cable, and then reinserting the power cable.

Open a terminal window to the directory containing the files, then run superboot-windows.bat as an Administrator.


On Mac:

Open a terminal window to the directory containing the files, and type

chmod +x superboot-mac.sh followed by sudo ./superboot-mac.sh


On Linux:

Open a terminal window to the directory containing the files, and type

chmod +x superboot-linux.sh followed by sudo ./superboot-linux.sh

If your terminal commands are not working as expected, you could be in the wrong directory. Make sure to CD to the directory that contains the superboot file.


You will see  Booting downloaded image  and a black screen, then the screen will return to  Key driver not found.. Booting OS . It can happen quickly.


At this point, unplug the USB cable and the power cable from M.O.J.O., wait a few moments, then reconnect the power cable to boot M.O.J.O. as normal.


For all the missing apps to show up on the Play Store, you may need to clear data on the Play Store in Settings -> Applications and reboot, then run the Play Store again.

 Play Store Clear Data


Rooting will leave an app called “SuperSU” on your system. This is normal.


Instruction video on how to root M.O.J.O. using Windows 7:


For further information and community support, check out the M.O.J.O. rooting support forums on XDA-Developers  and the MoDaCo M.O.J.O. Mod page.

If you’re having trouble rooting your M.O.J.O., we’re here to help. Contact Mad Catz tech support at:

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