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The max volume of the ARK 100 on PS4 is lower than on other 3.5 mm sources I connect it to. What is causing this?
Posted by Marc Atkns on 24 February 2017 07:21 AM

This appears to be a quirk of the current version of the PS4 OS. There is a workaround you can implement to get the headset working up to the same volume level as on PC or mobile.

 On PS4 there is a headset volume slider. You may have already set this to 100%. In addition to this slider is a hidden ‘music’ slider that only appears once you have linked a Spotify account to your PS4 account.

 This music slider appears to also govern the audio that is played through the headset when you are gaming. Unfortunately, this is set at 50% by default and can only be accessed via a linked Spotify account.

 Once you have linked a Spotify account to your PSN account, press the PS button on your controller and select Music from the dashboard. Start playing a track and then access the volume icon from within the main bank of media controls. Set the slider to max. At this point the PS4 will be outputting max volume, you can then adjust the ARK100 headset volume to a comfortable setting.

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