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Below are links for forums you can discuss the M.O.J.O. on HTTP://FORUM.XDA-DEVELOPERS.COM/MAD-CATZ-MOJO HTTP://REDDIT.COM/R/MADCATZMOJO
Some games automatically detect and use a game controller, and others don't. For those that don't, try using Mouse Mode to look within the game's settings. Check for control options which you can use to setup C.T.R.L.R within the game. Even then, some ga...
Go to 'Settings>Languages and Input' and use the 'Pointer Speed' setting to adjust the speed of the mouse cursor. MOJO
· GameSmart Mode is for use with gamepad-supported games. It will also work for navigating the Android menu and launching apps · Mouse Mode is for setting up your M.O.J.O., Android navigation, email and web browsing. It can also be used on many games/apps...
M.O.J.O. works with any of the following: · Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R · Any Xbox 360-compatible Mad Catz controller (including the MLG Pro Controller) · Bluetooth HID-compliant game controller · Microsoft Xbox 360® wired controller · Sony DualShock®3 wireless c...
Any computer with a USB port should be compatible. Connect the USB dongle and set the Mode Switch to PC Mode. To sync without the USB dongle, you'll need a Windows 8 PC or an Android device running Android 4.4 (KitKat) with Bluetooth 4.0. With the d...
The USB dongle provides a Bluetooth Smart connection to achieve ultra-low latency and extended battery life. MOJO

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