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The Nintendo Switch supports 3.5mm headsets via the audio jack port located on the top of the Switch, all you need to do is simply connect the headsets cable into the port to receive audio. * Using a compatible Tritton headset, connect the 3.5mm cable...
A behind the scenes look at the ideas and technology that went into the ARK series.
This behaviour is caused when the chat cable outputs game audio over the top of the HDMI wireless stream.  You may also notice that even when you press the Mute button on the headset, you still have audio output from the game.  To resolve this behavio...
This appears to be a quirk of the current version of the PS4 OS. There is a workaround you can implement to get the headset working up to the same volume level as on PC or mobile.  On PS4 there is a headset volume slider. You may have already set this t...

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