How to pair your PlayStation 4 Rock Band 4 device with Windows 10
Posted by on 28 September 2015 02:21 AM

Windows 10 Bluetooth Pairing instructions

1.  In the system tray next to your clock you should have a Bluetooth icon:


2.  Right click it and choose the Add a Bluetooth Device option:


3.  Provided you have turned your instrument on and the LED is flashing red and blue then you should see it appear in the devices list:


4.  Select it and then click Pair – your PC will start installing it:


5.  Once it has finished you will see the following screen and then our firmware updater should continue and update the firmware on your instrument:


6.  Once you have finished updating the firmware please ensure you remove the instrument from your PC’s Bluetooth devices list by clicking the device and choosing Remove Device:

Your instrument will be ready to pair back to your console.