When I use the Katana HD on Xbox One, the game audio is repeated in the headset. How do I fix this?
Posted by Marc Atkns on 24 February 2017 07:21 AM

This behaviour is caused when the chat cable outputs game audio over the top of the HDMI wireless stream.

 You may also notice that even when you press the Mute button on the headset, you still have audio output from the game.

 To resolve this behaviour, please carry out the following steps:

  1. Make sure the 3.5 mm cable is connected to the headset and the controller, and that you are logged into Xbox Live Gold.
  2. Open up the side panel settings page (double-tap the Xbox button).
  3. Select the cog icon, you will see a group of headset/chat sliders.
  4. Set the Headset Volume to maximum.
  5. Set the Headset Chat Mixer all the way over to the right hand side (chat).
  6. Next, go to All Settings > Display and Sound > Volume
    1. On the Chat Mixer page, select Do Nothing.
    2. On the Party Chat Output page, select Headset.


Once these steps have been carried out, you should be able to check that it has been successful, by muting the headset, and navigating the Xbox One UI. You should not hear any UI sounds when the headset is muted.

 This fix ensures that the 3.5 mm cable connection will only output chat audio to the headset. The game audio will be then be output correctly to the headset via the wireless connection.

 If you make any adjustments to the Chat Mix slider, you will re-introduce the game audio over the 3.5 mm wire. We recommend that you keep the mix slider where it is. Then to adjust the balance of the chat vs game audio, use the Headset volume slider on the Xbox One side panel to control chat volume. For game audio, adjust the volume using the headset volume rocker switch on the side of the right ear can.